Photographer who captured Chef 187 at UNZA sports Hall Show Retaliates


Chef 187 was not happy with how his photo during a performance at Unza Sports Hall was shot. Instead of Capturing both Chef 187 and the audience as the emcee expected, the Photographer from “Hunt House Media” decided to capture Chef 187 and the Roof.

The Kopala Emcee didn’t hesitate to lash out his disappointment through a Facebook post as a caption to the same photo. Below is what he posted;

There was over a thousand people in attendance but the photographer decided uku copa umutenge …I don’t get that.Anyway photo cred…..hut house media.

According to the Photography who is only identified as “Mwenya“, the Photo was captured with creativity. He later compared the picture to AKA’s which was captured in the same way.

I shot this picture.. And look at what chef says..honestly was it the roof I shot or its chef.. Well truth be told I wasn’t interested in who ever was there.. My Interest was capturing chef’s best moments on stage.. If his going to classify me as a bad photographer, well let the professionals do the job.

Was that creativity or nah??