Wezi responds to Social Media Backlash Over ‘Hairstyle’



Soulful singer and songstress Wezi has finally responded to fans making fun of her hair and sense of style.

Over the past days a picture of Wezi in what seems to be Bulky Afro Hair went viral with people making fun of the hair and different memes suggesting she can do better.

In her defense, Nyimbo Zako singer shared a picture of American singer Rihanna with strange hair with the caption ‘we love weird hair’. This later resulted in tension as her fans came through with comments that the Rihanna hair was way better and she can do better.

Wezi Responds To a fan

Another fan shared what seemed to be Wezi’s Instagram which responded to the same. This was during a Prime TV Interview where “Wezi” emphasized that if people follow her for her music then they are only supposed to comment on the music and the rest is none of their business.