Mumba Yachi cautions fans over Fake social media accounts.



Folk artiste “Mumba Yachi” has warned fans to be careful with fake social media accounts using his identity.

He revealed that he has no personal social media accounts and has only official accounts through which he uses to communicate with his followers. The singer added that he only has one account on each platform. He also advised fans to desist from getting information and arranging bookings from any other accounts and pages other than his official ones because they might be given fake information.

Part of the post read “Please note that I have NO personal Facebook account and JUST THIS music page. Any information concerning Mumba Yachi will be shared using the official social media platforms. Be careful not to make any bookings, interviews or take any information, do not believe them you will get false information?. Majesties, #YachiMusic lovers know I’m a free spirit, humorous, committed artist to my calling and purpose to educate, inspire and entertain through my music. Thank you majesties for believing and supporting #YachiMusic and let’s keep the family growing