Bobby East Says He Will Ignore The Shots Alpha Romeo Fired



Few days Alpha Romeo took shots at Bobby East on a song called “Edgar Lungu” by Young Dizmo as a retaliation to “Daywalker” Twitter jabs. Although the Alpha Romeo used the subliminal route in his lyrics, it’s definitely clear to assume the target was “Bobby East”.

However, Bobby East claims the shots do not apply to him and hence he won’t respond. The XYZ CEO made this claim when a named Twitter User questioned him whether he heard the record or not. Bobby East also further said he will assume Alpha Romeo was talking about some else and move on.

Bobby East has been involved in few feuds with fellow rappers and has let slide most of them especially when it involves replying with a song. The last time Bobby East threw released a diss track was in 2013 when he dissed 32 Karat on “One Corolla”. Unfortunately many HipHop Heads discredited his diss song.