Lawino addresses Fly J’s Issue of Still being Found on the street

Black billionaire CEO and business big shot Lawino took some time to address the issue of Young talented rapper Fly J being found on the streets even after signing him to his record label.
Lawino did not dispute the allegations but rather swore that if anyone ever found Fly J roaming around the streets He/she is at liberty to cut off lawino’s digitus medius or rather middle  finger .  This statement comes after trending and hardcore new Wave hip hop act Umusepela Chile advised Lawino in Snake of  Moses to be saving the little rapper’s income in order for Fly J not to end up a junkie . Lawino became latest of the few established artists that took time to share Umusepela Chile’s latest song Snake of Moses and in a telephonic interview monitored by ZedHypeMag staffer Dennis Mwewa ,Lawino applauded Umusepela Chile’s song and labelled the artist as creative.
When asked how he felt about the line addressing Lawino said ” Fly J needs a lot of help from genuine hearts and not to be exploited ,Money must surely be taken to the bank
Lawino to
ok custody of Fly J and currently managing Fly J‘s talent  . The young talented rapper and “Jungle” Hit-maker is currently one of the mainstream artist signed under Black billionaire.