Lolipop | Biography & Profile


Kate Jere popularly known by her stage name Lolipop is an Afro beat artist and model trying to bring a different vibe to the Zambian music industry. Born in Zambia in a family of 6, Lolipop developed her love for music at a young age and started practicing the art.

She will soon be dropping a new song entitled My Baby Daddy which talks about a woman in a toxic Marriage.  Despite several years of trying to keep her home together it never gets better, her marriage is mostly about fights and jealousy. She finally decides to confront her man and asks for a separation before it’s too late and also reminds him that he will always be her baby daddy. Lollipop has promised she has more music coming because she wants to use her music to address various real life issues people go through and as an advocate for the voiceless.

Apart from music she has a degree in education with art and is currently working as a teacher overseas.



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