Am King of Zambian Dancehall Music and the rest are followers- Dj Cosmo


Dj Cosmo recently made a special feature on Hi-5 show hosted by DjShowstar where he addressed a few Issues. At the beginning of the Show, Dj Cosmo bragged about how he helped a number of Artists during the Mondo Music era. According to him, he helped artists like; Exile JK, Joe Chibangu etc perform at his club and consequently earn both a living and the recognition. He also recalled how General Kanene was an acrobatic and how he used to mimic songs at the Club. On the contrary, he says despite laying the foundation for most artists, they rarely give him the respect he deserves.

He further went ahead to respond to Tiger Man who is alleged to have attacked him during one of the Hi-5 episodes he featured on and referred to him as a Junior in the Dancehall Genre. Dj Cosmos said he is a Thousand times better than Tiger Man and rather Tiger man should take a sit and respect him.

When asked about who the King of dancehall Music is in Zambia, Dj Cosmos claimed he is the King of Dancehall Music and the rest are probably followers. In his regard to T-Sean as a dancehall artist and self-Proclaimed dancehall Daddy, Dj Cosmos says T-Sean is not loyal to dancehall music and he comes in and out of the genre.

Download the Audio Interview and Stream the Video Below.




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