Lj Mojo Continues To Troll Bobby East & Xsiq IQ



Silver Road Records Rapper “Lj Mojo” won’t let Bobby East and Xsiq IQ rest after dedicating a diss song to them. The rapper who dropped a diss track called “Deadline Freestyle” has continued mocking both Bobby East and Xsiq IQ on social media.

Few days ago, Lj Mojo posted a picture of himself on Facebook with a shady caption while name dropping Bobby East and Xsiq IQ. The emcee who came up in the rap game later than both his rivals claims he used to praise them when he was a kid but these days considers them ‘dumb’. This is an extraction from one of Jay Z’s lyrics.

We was praising these rappers but we were young,? now I look at these rappers like "Is you dumb?"??Bobby East "Daywalker" IQ The Rapper That's a jigga line kids ??2019 We on!!!#EPOnTheWay!!! ??????

Posted by Lj Mojo on Monday, January 28, 2019

Lj Mojo attracted an enormous number of reactions on the post from HipHop fans. The rapper who is set to release his debut EP called “Reminisce” in few week’s time seems to be enjoying victory from this beef as both Bobby East and Xsiq IQ have not responded.