Ricky Meyton |Biography & Profile


Ricky Meyton is a Zambian Freelance Commercial Graphic Designer, Photographer and Digital Artist. Born and bred in the Southside of the country, Choma.

At a early age he started practicing drawing and sketching thanks to his creative mind. During his childhood he spent most of his time drawing animated characters from tv series and comic books. Meyton’s passion for graphic designing keep on growing day by day. He is Ambitious and Passionate about everything creative.


As a commercial creative artist, Ricky Meyton has been privileged to work with some of the local and international brands, artistes , models. (From South Africa,Zimbabwe,Uganda ,Kenya, Uganda, Nigeria , Ghana and United Kingdom).

Worked with various clients:

Brands – Smooth Sole , Turn Up Music Africa , CERCS , Very Style-ish Events, Nation Music, Digital Connect Media Arts, Crosses , Empire Entertainment, Weston Café, ZHM, White Apple, Golfie , Just to mention a few.

Artists- King Illest, Dizmo, Blake (event design which featured Tiwa Savage & Stone Bwoy ) , Khlassiq, HD Empire, Kats Rossea, and Many More.

His specialized in commercial photography , logo design, song cover design , branding, and offers design services to business of all sizes worldwide. “Every client is important”.

To see more of his works connect with him via social media.

Facebook: @ClassicVisualsMedia
Instagram: @rickymeyton
Twitter: @rickymeyton