Twitter Storms Tiye-P after Defending Slapdee


Controversial HipHop act “Tiye-P decided to come to Slapdee’s aid on Twitter after the XYZ rapper threw shade at Empawa100 project run by Mr Eazi. Unfortunately, Mwana Wa Nyireda also ended up becoming a victim of severe backlash on the social media platform.

In his Tweet, Tiye-P claims Slapdee didn’t mean to disrespect “Mr Eazi” and his Initiative hence the backlash was uncalled for. However, Zed Twitter didn’t take this lightly and decided to pounce on him with all sorts of shade and trolling.

The ridicule ranged from Tiye-P’s spelling of “Tweeter” (For Twitter) to his music.

Some users even claimed Tiye-P doesn’t have fans and also doesn’t have an award hence making his point irrelevant.


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