Krazillian | Biography & Profile


Born as Zizzy Kay Mutebela with the Krazillian aka Star girl Zizzy is a Zambian artist born on the 23rd of February 1993 as a last child in a family of 8.

She started out as a model, she participated in various pageants as a kid and teenager of which she won some. However her passion for music was developed with the help of her brothers who she used to sing with at a young age.

Among some of her achievements this far include being nominated for the Kwacha Music Awards in 2018 and performing at various shows.
Some of the artists she has worked with include Chef 187, Chika Lupupa, Yellow man just to mention a few. Some of the songs she has done include Naturally, Nikukonda, Shake that thing, Oh Mama among others and her recent single Chako.

Apart from music Krazillian works for the Judiciary as a counsel and she runs a studio called Zizzy records with a brand called Star Girl Zizzy Records


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