TBT: Macky 2- “Why”(Chilakukalipa fye) (Prod. J.O.B)

Photo Credit: Fortress

Released in 2011, this Masterpiece is arguably one of the Best HipHop/Rap songs by Macky 2. With a concept drawn from Shaming “haters”, “Why” is masterpiece HipHop song by him. The was produced by “J.O.B” and had put Kopala Swag on the Map especially at the time when He battling for the “HipHop Throne” with Slapdee.

Ma Record Yao Me Imma Break, Break/Si Bali Real Monga che ni Shrek Shrek…” He rhymes on the record.  Apparently, this is one of the songs his Critics and fans in general refer to him when they say “He stopped Doing HipHop”.

He pays Homage to “Crisis” and Gives a Shout to Bra B on the Record.