Itel Mobile To Launch a Brand New Smartphone


Since 10 years of existence, Itel Mobile Has continued to provide people with affordable and Quality Mobile Phones. Their focus since inception has been to make it easier for people to connect and communicate through their affordable Quality Devices. Throughout their 10 Years of existence both In Africa and Asia, Itel Mobile has undergone transformation in order to suit Market competition and satisfy customer demand.

Itel Mobile was launched in Zambia 3 years ago and since then, they have changed lives both through their Quality affordable devices and through Community Services. Among the community services in Zambia include Sponsorship of Mwansa Bwale and Hope Foundations. The Brand in Zambia is represented by Award Winning HipHop Artiste “Slapdee”.

Itel is demeaned among the Top 3 Mobile Brands in Africa and among their most competitive Mobile brands on the Market Include Smartphones S11 and S31.

Itel mobile is scheduled to launch a brand new Smartphone which will be added to their catalog of Excellent Smartphones on the Market. This incoming Smartphone is meant to Bridge the gap Between S11 and S31 with its excellent advanced features. From the Cameras, Ram, Android Version, Shape and Size this Incoming Itel Smartphone is strictly designed to give customers optimum satisfaction. The Product will also be launched in two versions making it easier for Customers to have a wider range of selection. This awesome Smartphone whose name has been withheld for now will be launched on 10th November, 2017.