Biography: “Yellow Dove”


Yellow Dove born as Antonio Nawa Mwanamuke is a gospel rapper, producer, television and radio presenter, researcher, music promoter and an author.

He was born on the 13th September ,Antonio spent his early years in Makeni, then moved to Chilenje then finally Kabwata were he did his senior secondary at Arakan high school, it was there that he discovered he could rap after participating in a competition were he recited some scriptures through rap.

Fortunately most of his uncles where DJs and he loved listening to the radio, so when he released his first hit ‘What would Jesus do’ he started promoting his music on different radio and television stations, he then admired what the presenters and his uncles were doing, he knew he can do it as well. One day he went for an interview at UNZA radio and after the interview the radio manager offered him to have a permanent show there.

While at the peak of his career and doing his studies at the University of Zambia, Antonio became extremely ill, he had cerebral malaria which later advanced to bipolar disorder. He went to different hospitals and his parents tried all they could but the sickness went on for over a year. As a result he got de-registered from University and his career began to sink.

He later came back on the music scene and released an album and book called Born To Win were he shared his story about some of the experiences he had during his sickness.

The album includes songs like Mposheni, Cry from hell, Better than Sex among others. After the release of his album he started a movement called “Born to Win” which was aiming at reaching out to broken and discouraged people, in the book Antonio shares his story and encourages people to remain positive minded and trust in God.

Aside from being an artist Antonio is a radio and television presenter on the Zambia National and Broadcasting Corporation (ZNBC) were he hosts Gospel Cruz, My Bible Quiz show, Enter In among others.