Kiss B and Tiye-P Trade Jabs on Social Media



Another HipHop beef might be recorded in the Zambian HipHop Music History as Tiye-P decided to poke on Kiss B. This comes barely a month after Tiye-P allegedly went for Muzo aka Alphonso on Jump off Freestyle Verse Nine laced by Tony Breezy.

Late Yesternight (23/10) Tiye-P posted a mockery post on his Facebook accounts targeted at Kiss B. The emcee wrote words of laughter with Kiss B’s name at the end of the post

kkkkklkkkkKkkkikikiki …. Ba Kiss B“, Tiye-P wrote on his Facebook account a post which attracted his followers’s attention who responded by Praising Mwana Wa Nyirenda and at the same time Mock Kiss B. Tiye-P has since taken down the post. See it below;


The Alpha Entertainment Signed rapper and Producer has since taken offense of the words posted By Tiye-P and responded with words of Mockery too. Kiss B also warned Tiye-P in the same response posted on his Facebook account. Could this trigger HipHp beef?

Mwana Wa Nyirenda and Kiss-B are known to have both gone for Muzo aka Alphonso on at least one or two Songs with Tiye-P having being involved in an open beef with Muzo aka Alphonso.