Dj Rhys Leaves New Age Entertainments


Zambian Disk Jockey and musician “Dj Rhys” has announced she is leaving New Age Entertainments. The music act becomes the latest artiste to leave the record label after Jorzi left it a week ago.

Dj Rhys however couldn’t state the reasons for her exit from the label but instead thanked Dj H-Mac for the opportunity. The DJ is among other music acts who departed from XYZ Entertainments together with their manager Dj H-Mac to join New Age Entertainments. The sole reason for the departure from XYZ Entertainments was purported to be neglection by Slapdee and Bobby East who joined Kalandanya Music Promotions where the big money was.

Dj Rhys’ Statement

Its not yet clear if both Jorzi and Dj Rhys will rejoin XYZ Entertainments as the label rebrands especially with the imminent collapse of KMP. However, one thing which certain is that Dj H-Mac is about to suffer the same exodus he facilitated at XYZ Entertainments.


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