Kapla Eddy Drops ‘Good Guy Gone Bad’ Compilation Album



After the release of debut single Hakuna Matata, Kapla Eddy bounces back with a compilation album consisting of 10 songs tittled GOOD GUY GONE BAD

Good Guy Gone Bad marks Kapla Eddy’s genesis in the  music industry, this compilation consist of songs Kapla first recorded in his early days as an artiste. Therefore Good guy gone bad shows his smooth transition from a full time producer to a full time musician because of his versatility to work on anything an artist could.

On this compilation Kapla Eddy has worked with Jay Wolf, Bill Gangster, Luminary and Jay Thorn Martian.

He says for the first time in his career he feels like he knows what he’s doing and he therefore promise his fans to expect more music from now on.

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