Kaladoshas Blasts Politicians!



Kaladoshas has a Message for African Politicians. Below is what the Dancehall music act wrote on his facebook page;

To them it’s all a game, a game that everyone wants to win. They play and use people like toys. Greed and selfishness, that is the definition of a politician today. What happened to improving people’s lives surely. Someone said and I quote “Africa is too rich to be poor but again African leaders are too rich for a poor continent like Africa.

My plea to them is to please Fight amongst themselves, fight and debate on real issues to improve the welfare of the people. Why fight each other using poor underprivileged citizens. Their lives are already difficult as it is but to take away even the little they have is inhumane and unZambian. When disease break out, or markets are burnt they don’t feel the impact because they are safe in their mansions and safeguarded by their massive accounts.

I surely don’t think the politicians of today are leaders because what we have seen this year is disheartening and the worst part is you don’t even know who to believe or trust anymore, as a people we are so vulnerable because we are just being played in their game. For a people that pray I’m sure God is disappointed with us, with how we have taken for granted his gift of Peace. We are tired of politicians lord, we cry and pray for leaders dear God! Africa needs Messiahs.