Chef 187 Threatens Fan For Making Branded ‘Tuleya Tulekula’ T-Shirts


Multi-award winning HipHop recording artiste “Chef 187” few days ago threatened a fan for making branded ‘Tuleya Tulekula’ T-Shirts. The seemly loyal fans of the Kopala Emcee made the T-shirts and decided to tweet a picture of them to the Rapper who later quenched his excitement with some threats.

According to Chef 187, he already assigned people to design and brand T-shirts with the catchy phrase which is also his latest song title. He further said the actions by the fan were illegal and the people his team assigned to produce the merchandise will not take it lightly.

However, the rapper thanked the fan for the love. The named fan has since promised to stop mass production of the T-shirts amid the threats from Chef 187.