Kantu talks Battling Depression, Almost Quitting Music & More


Songbird “Kantu” recently sat down for an Interview on “Getting Candid with Hellen” in which she unpacked a lot of issues. The Award winning songstress who announced she was quitting music several weeks ago took the opportunity to address why she U-turned on her decision.

In the Interview, Kantu discloses she once battled depression due to a toxic relationship she was in. The trauma led her to seeking profession help in terms of Therapy. She also narrated how she took some time to date herself.

I had to sit down and think about me, be selfish for once. I got myself a ring and told my friends: ‘guys I want to marry myself.” she narrates in the interview.

On quitting music, Kantu revealed it was a personal decision which had no influence from anyone including her husband. According to her, she just stopped feeling the music and thought it was just time. However, after she announced her decision, the former XYZ artiste discovered it wasn’t her decision to make as she was speaking to a lot of people through her music. She also figured out her growth could be channeled to her music.

Kantu also disclosed she is working with producers Mr. C.O.G, KB and Victor from Choma on her album “Breathe”. According to the singer, the album is still in production phase and the release date is subject to confirmation. She also announced she will be releasing the music video for her latest single “Fragile Heart” in the next 2-3 weeks.


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