Brawen Continues to troll King Illest, Hints a Diss Track



In an effort to escalate his feud with King Illest, XYZ Entertainments signed rapper “Brawen” a day go went off at King Illest on his Facebook page. Brawen who is set to drop his debut EP called out the self proclaimed ‘King of the South‘ and mocked him for not responding to his earlier jab a week ago.

The rapper who seems to be enjoying the drama with increased engagement by fans on his page also called “King Illest” Deaf and Dumb in his Facebook Post. He then hints dropping what can only be termed as a ‘diss track‘ aimed at the ‘Originator of Tonga trap Lingo‘. (see Facebook post below).

Meanwhile King Illest has continued to ignore the Social Media jabs from the XYZ Rapper adding to those thrown by Dizmo a week earlier. In fact during a conversation with our staff, the Kakwama hitmaker pointed out that he needs a more worthy opponent.