Dope Dealers Gang||Biography & Profile


The Amazing underground Dope Dealers Gang are Zambian versatile musicians Shooter and OG Classic.Dope dealers Gang famously known as DDG a creative and catchy name that consisted of six rappers then explaining the Name DDG, currently the gang remains with only two skilled and talented music acts shooter and OG Classic who chose to maintain the name.

DDG started there music career in 2012.In 2013 shooter and OG classic met at a school cypher which led to the official coronation of DDG being birthed.
they have a couple of hit songs which they worked on along side amazing & Celebrated producers like EazyTheproducer,Noise marker,Rico no doubt etc ,The duo as also worked with mainstream Artistes like Badman Shapi and Tyce Ziggy among others.Currently they her trending for their latest video made available on their YouTube channel.
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