Kwacha Music Awards Suffer Protests as some Artistes Withdraw Nominations


Despite coming back unannounced after 2 years of absence, the Kwacha Music Awards has suffered protests from its nominees as 3 artistes so far withdraw nominations. Some of the artistes who have withdrawn their nominations have cited unfairness in this year’s nominations.

The first artiste to withdraw his nomination was rapper Jae Cash. According to the Apa Ili So Act, his latest album “Chawama, John Howard” released late year was unfairly exempted from being nominated for “Album Of Year“.

Jemax also followed Jae Cash‘s footsteps by withdrawing his nomination citing unfairness in the process. In his press release statement, he argues his notable hit songs such as Ichilaka, Teti Mbe Mbwa and Muchibote should have made it on the nominees’ list.

The latest to have pulled out of the competition is Drimz who also had similar reasons. Despite some of the artistes’ reasons being genuine, many argue discussions with organizers should have been done behind the scenes unlike divulging everything on social media.

Its worth noting that Kwacha Music Awards are the only music awards Zambia country has despite their recent inconsistency.