Ruff Kid Name Drops Fellow Celebs On “Jump Off XIV”


Ruff Kid has released his “Jump Off XIV” of course engineered by “Tonny Breezy”. The rapper has so far beat the record by accompanying his sequel with a music video which is very dope. But however, his lyrics have already stirred controversy and social media buzz.

On the record, Ruff Kid spends the 1min 40 sec talking about his “hoes” and name dropping Fellow local celebrities. He clarifies that he is not married because he sleeps with other people’s wives. What has shocked the most is that, Ruff Kid claims he shares the same girlfriends with legendary producer “TK Romaside”. This is total disrespect to the Legendary Producer.

The Money King also claims, Thugga pays him to celebrate his own birthday. When “Jump Off” initiative was supposed to be about “Bars”, Ruff Kid has turned it into his play Zone.

Download song and Listen for yourself.