Chisenga Fka Crisis Reveals Being Charged for a Feature by Chef 187


HipHop veteran and the Godfather of Zed HipHop “Chisenga fka Crisis” recently sat down for a Phone-In Interview by PMC at Joy FM in which he talked about his relationship with several artistes. During the Interview, the Australian based rapper revealed how Chef 187 asked him to pay when he approached him for a feature.

According to The Officer in Charge, the incidence happened when Chef 187 visited Australia few years ago. Chisenga says he approached Chef 187 for a collabo in view of doing something for Zambian HipHop but Chef 187 instead requested the rapper pays. This made the rapper back down although he earlier intentionally wanted to give him something as a token of appreciation before being asked to actually pay.

In the same Interview, Chisenga also talked about his relationship with rappers Jae Cash and Sampa The Great. Watch Interview below!


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