ZED HYPE MAG Recognizes an Uprising superstar -APPLE GUY,


Following the chats of Zambian uprising artists we today bring to light a very young energetic uprising talented Zambian artist, who has recently been observed to getting support from almost all Zambian music corners.

Apple Guy happens to be the name of this mighty growing musically taken star, reports have been coming in from different sources saying”his music is still a wonder to a lot of people, because not only a nice touch in his voice features in him but also creativity and great lyric construction. He is a very humble young celebrity, with big ambitions  which mostly sounds to benefit lots of people”. Other sources narrates that “This hard working artist has contributed a lot in bringing Zambian arts close to a world light, through his God given talent, which is music”.

Apple Guy has quiet a number of fantastic songs coming, which are already vibrating the ears, minds and hearts of the producers working on them,according to the information we got from one of his distributors, and management team members.He further said that Smartness has  contributed to his uniqueness in which time observing is also highly part of him. He delivers his lyrics at an understandable level, leaving no one with a debating view.
How many times he has tried to make it is still not a question in his career, but making
it to the top is his daily mission.

ZED HYPE MAG team intervened by spotlighting this artist because such a talent deserves to be talked about.Stay tuned as we update you more on this very Young uprising star called Apple GUY, right here on Zambia’s biggest entertainment blog. www.zedhypemag.com