Chef 187 Reveals Amnesia Tracklist


Chef 187 has finally revealed the track-list  for his incoming third studio Album called Amnesia. The masterpiece which is scheduled to drop next week has 18 tracks. The album also has a heavy line up for Special features which comprises Willz, Petersen, Urban Hype, Daev, Macky 2, Jedi, T-Low, Drifta, Jay Rox etc. The rapper has since put two songs (Ma Years and House Pary Muka One room) as lead singles.

Below is the full album tracklist;

  1. Intro/Betrayal
  2. Winning (Ft. Willz)
  3. Dockate (ft. Petersen)
  4. House party Muka One Room
  5. Ma Years (ft. Daev)
  6. Good Teacher, Bad Kasukulu
  7. Kushumfwa Kushumfwafye
  8. Mudowe  Dowe (Ft. Dope G & Mumba Yachi)
  9. Body (ft Urban Hype)
  10. Product of my Environment (Ft Macky 2 & Jedi)
  11. Complicated (Ft. T-Low)
  12. Cant Tell You I Told Ya (Ft Pilato & Lucy)
  13. No Mukanwa (Ft Drifta)
  14. Amnesia/Nakalimo Nimpya
  15. Zero To Zali (Ft Jay Rox & Daev)
  16. Outro/Bless My Hustle(Ft I Ceaser)
  17. Angelina (Ft Silent Erazar) (Bonus Track)
  18. Twikalafye Umuku Umo By Coziem (Ft Chef 187)

From the list above, You already know this album will be a classic. Share Your thoughts in the comment box.