Mr Romantic Aka Bad Bouy || Biography & Profile



“It is not your background that makes you who you are but it is what you do with the opportunities that you come across which mould you into what you want to be”.

Hailing from the Southern part of Zambia in a town called Monze, Mr Romantic aka Bad Bouy Africa has been amongst the few that never let their background or place of origin define who they are.
Mr Romantic has a unique afro-reggae type of vibe and he is nothing short of creativity and ambition as a musician. He has worked on hit songs like Lion, “Wakanda“, “Long Gone“, “Cold Blood“, “Dice” and many other impressive songs he has worked on. The Romantic Bad Bouy lives by the notion that if you don’t sell yourself then no one will buy into you and he is now working towards expanding his territory by putting out his stories out more through his music on different platforms. Mr Romantic currently has a project underway with the iconic Lj Mojo and it is a must hear song as the two artists bring a different vibe on the upcoming joint. As we wait for his release, kindly follow Mr Romantic on his facebook page and subscribe to his YouTube channel and Audiomack profile.

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