Macky 2 -Tokota or Dokota (Video+Audio)



Arguably Zambia’s leading rapper Macky 2 spoken out concerning the tokota boys, Macky 2 posted a musical video captioned


There’s something wrong with our society today and if we don’t address this now we are heading into a very dangerous future.

Where’s happened to the society that produced doctors? Who is to blame when society begins to produce TOKOTA boys and not DOKOTA boys to save lives?

It is easy to look at the TOKOTA boys with disdain but we should be brave enough to look at the community where these boys are coming from.

Most of these boys are coming from broken homes and in most cases they grew up knowing hate and violence as a way to survive.

These kids are coming from a society where education is never celebrated.
A society where thuggery is the key to success. These boys are a fruits of a broken society….
Change Begins With Us.”

The song is to inspire and encourage youths to work hard and avoid getting into trouble.

15th June  Ghetto president drops

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