Chanda Mbao Rubbishes Talks About Buying His Way To Musical Success.

Photo Captured by Harti Photography

With chart topping songs such as “Bigger Wave” and recently “Money Gang“, rapper Chanda Mbao has been quite consistent with his sound and music video quality since he came through on the scene with songs such as “Selfish” with Scott and “My Town” with Kaladoshas.

A deeper look into his background reveals that Chanda Mbao has studied abroad and has a stable job and source of income to sustain his musical projects. Others have used this privilege against him, describing it as “buying his way to success” because he comes from a well-to-do background.

The Bigger Wave hitmaker featured on Diamond TV’s On The Table show with Chimweka where he rubbished all that talk making reference to people with more money than him but still not as successful musically. He added that such people are just so used to looking for shortcuts people used getting to success, such as accusing people of witchcraft or in his case buying his way to success.

He further encouraged people to work hard and smart to get what they want and desist from the feeling of entitlement. On his international connections, Chanda Mbao explained how, like any other artist can – go on Google, see who they can submit their work to for international airplay and follow the rest of the procedures..

Watch the full interview below:



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