Macky 2 says Edgar Lungu Stopped Picking up his calls after winning


Rapping on “My Diary Pt 4” by KB, Macky 2 came out fearless taking shots at President Edgar. According to Macky 2, Edgar Lungu Has since ditched him and doesn’t answer his calls after winning elections. Those who followed the previous elections are will recall how macky 2 supported Edgar Lungu during the campaign Period.
Macky 2 rapped;

Dear Presido Niyanu iyi Nkhalata,
I hope konse kwemulili Mulichabe laka
Pe Munawinila Munaleka oneka
Munaleke Niyanka Olo Phone yeka.
Nifuna nimikumbuse tikali muatika
Kwatu kukomboni tikali mumatinka
But I guess this is what I get for trusting a Politician

My Dairy Part 4 which features Macky 2, Four 4, Bobby East, Crisis and Rnb sensational “Neo” has since become the talk of the day among Hip Hop fans.You can download “My Diary pt 4” by KB by searching on our site.