Chances of Filling Up Woodlands Stadium lessen As 3 Gigs Collide On 27th April


3 Entertainment performances are reported to occur on 27th April, 2017 in Lusaka, Zambia. This has since raised tensions as fans will be split on this date. This is the same day a Historical Music concert for Slapdee and Chef 187 will occur at Woodlands stadium. The duo are expected to fill up a 4, 300 capacity Stadium with a Follow up Gospel Show headlined by “Pompi” and “Ephraim”  taking place at Woodlands on 28th April.

On the same date, Uganda’s Annie Kasiime will be in Lusaka for a Comedy show alongside The Tilowa duo. The highly publicized gig is likely to scope some numbers and mostly likely disadvantage the other shows. On the other hand, King Illest will also lead new school music acts at G-Greens in Lusaka for a “Pop Up” show on 27th April.

Editor’s Notes

The show organizers for all the mentioned gigs should have considered to reschedule their events. While this might be good for offering attendants with options according to their interest and budget, the timing is poor especially for a small entertainment Industry. Unity at all levels is the only cure for this Industry!


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