Lil JMak ||Biography & Profile


Joshua Makafu professionally known as Lil JMak, born on 23rd October in a family of 10 were he is a last child.

His love for music was drawn from his siblings who used to sing in a worship team at church, he would would accompany them to every rehearsal then he later decided to join the worship team as well. It was from there that he learnt how to sing and decided to launch his music career.

He coined his stage name from his birth names, he first called Josh Mac then later cut it to Lil JMak after a decision made by him and his manager.

He has dropped hits like Nalikutemwa, Finally, Too much, Level and On my Mind.
He has also worked with major talents like King Hustle, Big P and wise Vill Glory. He aspires to own his own professional music studio and record label one day.

Apart from music Lil JMak works for a car hiring company called Brumac car hire and he hopes to establish himself as a renowned business man.


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