Bobby East & Nez Long Defend their Decision to Do a Campaign Song!!


Prominent music acts “Bobby East” and “Nez Long” who recently came under fire for doing a campaign song for “The Patriotic Front” have since decided to speak out. The duo took it to social media to defend their decision for doing a campaign song called “Abwelelepo” which also features Slapdee and Elisha Long.

According to reply by comment by rapper “Nez Long” on his Facebook post, KMP didn’t force them to do the campaign songs. He highlighted that every artiste was given a choice to accept the offer or not.

In his own defense, Bobby East emphasized he had to make a business decision. He cited that despite being in the music industry for over a decade, he has nothing to show for it and hence decided to accept the offer.

It hasn’t been publicly revealed how much the artists were paid but our sources say it’s more than K100, 000 each. So far the likes of Macky 2, Yo Maps, Mampi, D-Bwoy, Drimz and Shenky have also laid their vocals on campaign songs for PF.


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