Beef Squashed? King Illest Votes for Slapdee for AFRIMMA 2020


King Illest did something unprecedented yesterday as he casted a vote for his rival Slapdee for this year’s AFRIMMA. The XYZ Entertainments mogul who bagged a nomination in the category for “Best Male Southern Africa” got a vote from King Illest who also urged his followers to do likewise.

Weeks ago, King Illest threw shade at Slapdee in a congratulatory tweet which was later taken down. The “Kakwama” hitmaker also voted for Bombshell who has also been nominated for “Best Female Southern Africa“. The rapper has been going off at Slapdee on social media for allegedly failing to drop a track he featured on and also for failing to send his verse for “Ba Cheende” which later featured Macky 2.

It might be too early to conclude this move might lead to both rappers squashing their feud but its definitely such a bold move by “King Illest“.