“I Don’t Have a Wack Song & I’m Better than All These Overrated Boys” – Tiye-P


HipHop artiste and punchline rapper “Tiye-P” yesterday went off on Facebook and declared he doesn’t have a flop song. Mwana Wa Nyirenda who caught the attention of many Online music lovers also claimed he is better than ‘All these Overrated boys’.

Although Tiye-P didn’t mention the artistes he claimed to be better than, its obvious he was talking about the Top Rated artistes whose names we will also withhold. In the same post, the rapper also told his followers to work hard & sort out their personal issues before ‘playing his music’ and they will see his point of view.

Tiye-P’s Facebook post

Tiye-P has been underrated since the inception of his music career and its only recent that he started getting some ‘juice’. He released his critically acclaimed debut album “RED” in 2017 which elevated him to one of the top rated lyrical spitters in the country.