Is Bobby East Firing Shots at KRYTIC on “Bwetu Bwetu”?



Bobby East has an attractive and sensitive verse on “Bwetu Bwetu” by Willz Nyopole and it seems he decided to toss it on a named rapper. Bwetu Bwetu which officially dropped online yesterday is a Trap HipHop song by Willz Mr. Nyopole and it features Bobby East and Mic Burner and was produced by Magician.

Rapping on the trap HipHop beat, Bobby East came out spiting “Wack Rappers, attention Seeking rappers, always treating us rappers/ Say something bad about them and they retire ass rappers..

We all know Bobby East and KRYTIC (retired) are not in good terms after that Zambia Music Award for Best HipHop Album where Krytic lost it to Bobby East. The award infact brought beef between the two rappers on social media before the winner was even declared. As a matter of Fact, KRYTIC clearly stated, “ That Nigga Bobby don’t Like..” on RED by Tiye-P.

Well, it seems Mr. East has some clarification to do!