Best 2017 Music Videos From Jan-June


Today we take Sometime to analyze and rate Zambian music videos released this year so far. Its obvious there has been a major Improvement in this field of the Industry over the years no wonder we even have our local videos ranking on Major TV Channels such as Trace TV, Channel O, MTV Base and the like. A very big thanks to the New Generation of Videographers and Cinematographers for raising the standard.

In all honesty this is a hard list to make but nonetheless ZHM had to make its final list of Best 10 music videos released this year so far. Bear in mind the list is for those released from January to June this year in no particular order.

Push by Stevo

The rap guru returned with the one of the Best Visuals on the scene at the moment shot and Directed by Trip Tonic Media arts. Director Chichi Ice might be a new comer when it comes to shooting Music videos but his creativity is undeniable. The Music Video for Push on its own can narrate the whole Hustle inspired theme of the song, even a deaf person is assured of getting the whole song concept. Thanks to Trip Tonic team for the nice script. Its not only the Concept that lands Push by Stevo on the first spot but the Posh Rides and the Swag in the video is also exceptional. Push is definitely not a low Budget video.

Watch PUSH by STEVO Here

Zambezi by Salma

Though the originality of this video is questionable as to the River Shown in the video being our actual “Zambezi River“. This Trace TV premiered video is own its own lane. The beautiful scenery shown in the video just make it match with the concept and amazing to watch severally.

 Devil You’re Liar by Slapdee

Apparently the making of this Video had to cost King Dizzo some real penny since it was shot in South Africa Durban. It has great visuals with expensive jewels, Mansion and Ride. The Script seem to have been closer to the concept.

GTBK Chef 187

Big Deal Graphic had a reason of Making this video in Black and White and despite the colors, Good Teacher Bad Kasukulu (GTBK) is extraordinary. From the moves to the Acting in the video, GTBK Video is simply Amazing to watch. No wonder it has been charting on MTV Base.

Ndisweke by King Illest

The energy in the song is simply amazing plus King Illest’s swagger make it a bomb for a HipHop song. “Ndisweke” visuals are just right on point from the Location, Swag and the flexing by the Tonga Trap King.

Mr. Romantic by Kaladoshas ft Urban Hype and Jay Rox.

This is another excellent job by DjLo for Shooting and directing the Music Video. The scenery, posh cars and the chick used in this Video were on point and it seemed The Main actor “Kaladoshas” was gonna show off a lot of “Romantic” stuff.

Vagwada by Slapdee

The video caries much energy to suit with King Dizzo’s flow in the song As the Director Made Slapdee and XYZ switch places from a basketball court to a gym. However, this video had something missing to make it complete and maybe top this list. Probably its the Concept and the swag. The script might not have been too heavy and if you remove the gym, the video will have nothing left to lookout for.

Get Lost by Jay Rox

This list can never be complete without Get Lost by Jay Rox. The concept and the stunts were simply amazing.

Secret by Ruff Kid ft Cimzee

Ruff Kid has had good music videos and since late last year he hasn’t failed to Deliver. With Dancehall rhythm, Secret has a heavy music video with a Story to tell. It’s not just about the Quality and the locations in the video but how the directors managed to transfer the concept on the song into actual visuals.

So Sorry By Kaladoshas

This is one of the best works from Kaladoshas so far. This music video is just dope in and out and doesn’t require a deep analysis to realize that. Big up to Kaladoshas.

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