10 of Slapdee’s All Time Best Songs


11 years in the game, Slapdee has stood out as one of Best Artists to have ever graced the mic in the Country. His success which is backed by numerous trophies has earned him the Self-proclaimed Kingship title chanted by his followers.

Over the Years, King Dizzo has released both Radio and Street banging singles with 5 studio album to his name. We take you down the memory lane as we look at some of his 10 Best songs thus far.

  1. Solola

Solola is Slapdee’s Earliest Hit in his Career dropped in 2006 from his debut Album. This song set the then Young Slapdee in the spotlight.

  1. Nizee

Nizee is a HipHop classic by King Dizzo of its own time.

  1. Gold Digger

This is another classic from Slapdee which was spiced up with a hook from Legendary JK.

  1. Foshize

Released in 2009 off , Foshize was a game Changing HipHop song.

  1. Kuichaila

Kuichaila is HipHop- Dancehall tune with a Kwaito Vibe. The song will go down in History’s as one of Slapdee’s most celebrated songs.

  1. Angel (feat J.O.B & Mya)

This another proof of how Multi-lingual Slapdee as far as delivering his lyrics is concerned. This all-time English classic featured J.O.B and Mya.

  1. Remember ft Kantu

Despite the song Sparking beef with his longtime Collaborator Ruff Kid on grounds that it was sampled from him, Remember is Slapdee’s Most Conscious Song. With the Chorus spiced by then XYZ Queen Kantu, the song topped local radio Charts for several weeks.

  1. Waumfwa

This is another Classic from King Dizzo. The song was a major hit during its release.

  1. Somone (ft. Muzo & Mumba Yachi)

King Dizzo proudly gave life to Muzo aka Alphonso’s Career once again on this Single after he left Kopala Swag. With a Chorus from Mumba Yachi, Somones a no doubt one of the Dopest Collabos by King Dizzo.

  1. Devil You’re a Lie

Taken off his latest best-selling album “BW2”, Devil You’re Lie is HipHop song produced by his longtime collaborator and Producer “Raydo”.




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