Slapdee To Delay ‘Mother Tongue EP’ Release


HipHop Mogul and XYZ Entertainments Founder “Slapdee” says his forthcoming “Mother Tongue EP” is not dropping anytime soon. The rapper who posted a statement on his social media handles clarified that the label is first dropping Koby’s debut album that’s when Mother Tongue EP will follow.

He further emphasized that the singles he has been dropping are just for feeding his fans and he will continue doing so. Slapdee also says he is not in a hurry to drop the EP but has urged his fans to continue anticipating new music.

Slapdee’s Facebook Post

Mother Tongue EP” was rumored to be dropping in the same time frame with Chef 187’s “Bon Appetit” and this stirred so much social media buzz and some backlash. This is actually what attributed to the beef between Slapdee & Kekero which resulted in both artistes firing Jabs at each other on “Indoors and “No Sacrifice, No Victory” respectively.