Y-Celeb & Ray Dee Split From 408 Empire


One of the most trending music group “408 Empire’ has entirely split. The group which originally comprised Ray Dee, Y Celeb and Sub Sabala few months ago only remained with Y Celeb and Ray Dee after the later left the group.

Few moments ago today, Y Celeb took it to Facebook to announce he is the only 408 Empire member as at now. He further extended his gratitude to Ray Dee for the commitment and contribution rendered to the music group. However, the Kopala artiste couldn’t reveal for the sole reason behind the split.

At the time Sub Sabala left the group, he cited much dominance and arrogance by Y Celeb specifically in the running of the group’s affairs as the reason he decided to leave. In his defense, Y Celeb emphasized Sub Sabala was actually not a member of the group as opposed to what people knew. 408 Empire came into the limelight in 2017 when they released their smash hit “Chilepule Baby” which took over the airwaves.


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