Roberto Is Not Zambia’s Greatest, Its Me followed by Exile, F-Jay then Him- CQ


Seems there is Battle for the RnB throne in Zambian Music as some artists have already started bidding for the Greatness in the Industry. Earlier this Month, Roberto Made a special appearance on Dj Showstar’s Controversial Talk Show Dubbed “High Five” on which the award winning artist addressed a number of issues with regard to Zambian Music.
On the Show, Roberto was asked to Name who Zambia’s greatest Musician is at the moment and without any Hesitation, the Singer declared himself the Greatest. Among other issues he touched on is Lack of Local support and appreciation from among Zambians despite earning recognition on the Continent.
In no time, CQ also appeared on High Five few days ago on which he Brushed off Roberto’s Claim. The Former Born and Bred award winner went further to name his own top ranking list with himself appearing first, followed by Exile, F-Jay then Roberto and Finally Abel Chungu. CQ who also claimed to Zambia’s Richest Musician, took straight shots at the Davaos for allegedly Disrespecting Mampi few months ago.

It was wrong for those Kids, the little artists or small artists to start saying wrong things about Mampi, she inspired them”

He said.

Do You Agree?? Stream the Interview Below.

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