“I Want the President to Honor at Album Launch & all Proceeds Donated to Repay Govt Debt”-PilAto


Barely a day after announcing the title for his forthcoming album, Poet and HipHop artiste Pilato took it twitter to throw a tantrum at the Zambian Govt. The rapper whose Known for thought provoking and Political songs such as the Most Recent “Koswe Mumpoto” Tweeted about this.

According to his Tweet, Pilato says he would want President Edgar Lungu to be “Guest of Honor” at the album Launch and all proceeds should be donated to repay the Debt accumulated by the Zambian Government. He further added that “Laura Miti” would be the MC at the album Launch. Pilato named his forthcoming album “Man II Man” and has since unveiled the album cover.

We are not sure if Pilato is being for real here or he is just creating a Political Stunt. The actual release date and track-list of this album have not been unveiled.


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