Chef 187’s “Bon Appetit” Becomes The Most Streamed Zambian Album on Deezer


HipHop Loyalty and Alpha Entertainments rapper “Chef 187”is currently holding the spot for ‘Most Streamed Zambian album on Deezer” with Bon Appetit. The album which dropped a month ago has dominated the streams for Zambian albums on the digital platforms.

Chef 187 is followed by Gospel artiste “Ephraim” who has 3 albums on the spot comprising Preserved, No Situation and Teti Ntwishike.

The list is also followed by ‘Muntu” by Solomon Plate and “Become” by Pompi. Other albums which also have streamed a lot include “Mongu Rice” by Mumba Yachi who takes up the fourth spot.
Bon Appetit is a critically acclaimed album by the Numero Uno which is also by far his most sold album yet. The rapper has sold copies to prominent figures at Auction Prices starting with Runnel’s Wife “Mutinta” who bought a copy at K10, 000 during the launch party. Chef 187 is also the most streamed artiste on the digital platform.