Umusepela Chile || Biography & Profile


Promise Chileshe Chitalu known professionally as Umusepela Chile is a Zambian rapper popular for creatively rapping in Bemba one of Zambia’s major local languages. The title Umusepela(Youth) was coined by him and fellow rapper Crown who collectively call themselves imisepela shibili.

He professionally started doing music in 2012 however before that he was a freestyle/battle rapper in the background and also used to play some musical instruments and produce music. He used this experience to learn the art before he could finally introduce himself to a big audience.

He has done quite a number of concious songs like Snake of Moses, I stand with Unza, Utuma busy, Am ready, Mistake, Satan, Tabamona among others. He says one thing he songs have in common is they carry messages that are meant to be relatable.

He released an EP (extended project) titled “Change” last year (2019) and it was welcomed with amusement because in it he brought a rare type of energy to the Zambian rap scene.
Aside from being an artist Umusepela Chile is an IT specialist, music producer and other media related things.

All his songs are available right here on


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