Biography: Trap Slik


Born in Kitwe on the 24th of October 1996, Chanzi Chandalala Chilatu aka Trap Slik was about 8 years old when he realized his love for music. He spent most of his childhood in Lusaka and by the time he was about 10 years old, he moved back to Kitwe.

As a child, Trap Slik had uncles and cousins who listened to HipHop music a lot and this triggered the interest in him. However he started doing music professionally in 2016, thereafter he dropped his first single “started’ at Blak flam records which then introduced him to the spotlight.

Apart from music he has also been furthering his education, after finishing his secondary education at Chiwala Boys in 2013, he went further to study computer systems engineering at NORTEC of which he is currently in his final year.

His follow up single called “No Manners” produced by Kiss B is currently doing fine among listeners and it is his breakthrough so far.

Trap Slik believes that he will be one of Zambia’s top musicians someday. He gets his inspiration from rappers Slapdee, Chef 187, B.I.G and 2Pac.