Top 2017 Zambian Music Albums (Released and to Be Released)


If you have been wondering which Zambian Music albums will be on the market this year, ZHM has compiled a list for you. Remember that this is not ranked but rather a list of artists who will release albums this year and those who have already dropped.

Black Na White 2 by Slapdee

Well this predicted masterpiece has given Insomnia to XYZ fans due its delay. Since it was announced late 2014, BW2 Has been the most anticipated Zambian music album of all time such that it even reached an extent of being nominated for an award while still unreleased. However, the realize date still remains a mystery

Just Got Saved by Eddie Black

Eddie Black announced about the release of this album immediately after he switched into Gospel Rap, the move which led to the cancellation of his much anticipated Black Supremacy album.

Good Decisions Bad Intentions by Camstar
Capital is on the verge of dropping this HipHop game changing masterpiece any time soon. The emcee has laid of three promo singles so far. Completion of the project is believed to be 95% and the tape will be online for digital purchasing.

Mercy by Big Bizzy
The K-Amy/Starlight music super producer and rapper has rescheduled the release date of his debut album to March. He has also released radio charting singles off the Tape and one can tell he is headed the right way.

Taima Taiwa by Muzo aka Alphonso
The Kasama descendant has a heavy tracklist to this album dropping in April. He has put out singles for so hype. Taima Taiwa is likely to go head on with Chef 187’s Amnesia album.

Dreaming In Higher Definition by the Holstar
Legendary and Zambian HipHop Pioneer The Holstar has been in the studio for quite sometime now preparing to drop this classic. He also did put out lead singles such as Urban Disciples, and Mungeli. However the actual release date has not yet been established.

Get with The Program by 32 Karat
SVSC headliner an HipHop heavyweight 32 Karat has been hyping this tape for two long. GWTP will be the Kwacha hitmaker’s debut album.

My Time by Kaladoshas
The Tilimo Entertainment headliner mentioned about this project when he featured on Dj Showstar‘s Hi-5 episode. With his single So Sorry doing great across borders, this tape is something worthy anticipating.

The Patriot by Chanda Mbao
This is album is scheduled to released after a mixtape by rap smith Chanda Mbao. After a successful 2016 with a number of notable 2017 dope joints, its clear the emcee will not disappoint HipHop heads with this tape.

Giovanni by Jae Cash

Jae Cash is also preparing for the release of this album and apparently giving it much hype. His much accredited single off the album is Akamutima featuring Kekero.

Urbandary by Urban Hype
Urban Hype is arguably the hottest Zambian RnB/Afro Pop music group of our time. With their Skele single doing great across borders, the trio’s album will with no doubt take Zambian music scene by storm. The video for the single also topped o Zambezi Magic’s Zed Top 10 show consecutively.

Born to Win by Yellow Dove

Yellow Dove is one of the top Christian emcees Zambia has ever produced. His ability to spit both in English and Vernacular with clever wordplay makes him undisputed. Born To Win is a must for those who embrace rap and CHH alike.

Dweet by Tbowy
After his radio Charts topping single “I Miss You” alongside Chef 187, T-Boy is also about to drop an album. He also release the video for his single Call Me Featuring Roberto.

Affection for Favour by T-Low

Mostly known for his spicing vocals on Complicated by Chef 187, the up and coming Young talented vocalist is an artist to look out for.

Cinori Xo, Willz,Tim (Thugga), Mumba Yachi, Al-Kani, Scott, Jedi, Pompi and Swish are also promising to release albums this year.

Released album

Among the albums which are already on the market are Insale by James Sakala, Real Emcee Definition (RED) by Tiye P, Amnesia by Chef 187, Flowers by Dope G, Lusaka by Jay Rox.