ThrowBack Thursday: Slapdee- Fo’Shizy


Released in 2009, Fo’Shizy is Slapdee’s one of the Career transforming Hit singles which has apparently enabled him to earn the King Dizzo Title. The song has a Bragging HipHop concept with King Dizzo setting up his trend and aiming for the HipHop throne.

On this HipHop banger, King Dizzo takes some time to re-introduce his Clique Xampo Yapa Zambia as he rhymes the names of his Fellow XYZ member.

“Ine Kuflowa Muchi Nyanja babi Nikufuna Kwanga/Niflowela Ma Hood VoniKunda naba Nzanga”  he raps and from here King Dizzo Switches to English to prove why he is untouchable in the game. Practically Slapdee is the only Zambian Rapper who can spit in More than 3 Languages.