Tigress 34-7 Addresses Slapdee on “Aint A New Day”



Female HipHop act “Tigress 34-7” has a new song which cannot be ignored called “Aint a New Day” and it seemingly talks about Slapdee. The song features “Sauzande (Mr 1000)” who also produced it and “Tina” really went off on the song.

First of all, the song title is a direct twist of King Dizzos latest hit called New Day” which dropped late last month. On “Aint A New DayTigress 34-7 raps about how Slapdee overlooked important issues (Like how female artistes are treated) in the Industry and failed to Address them on his song. The Lusaka based rapper further criticizes King Dizzo for exploiting upcoming artistes and charging them K2,500 for a feature.

However when asked by our staff if she has beef with Slapdee, Tigress 34-7 says she didn’t just agree with Slapdee’s Way of thinking but there is no beef at all. It seems the whole song is meant to question Slapdee‘s legacy as a self-proclaimed “King Of Zed HipHop” and what he has done for the industry.