The Phoenix Set to Drop 5th 2022 HipHop single



The Phoenix is set to release his 5th Hip-Hop Single this Year Titled ‘No Brushing Shoulders‘ Feat WUNNA, on November 18th. (Next Week Friday). The record was Produced by Classic Tune, Oddie & Nat.

The Release of his Single ‘No Brushing Shoulders‘, comes before the Release of his Anticipated L.P set to Drop Before the Year Ends.

Following the release of his New Single we found out a few key things ?.

  1. What is the Title of the L.P

The Phoenix Indicated that the L.P ( ‘Long Play’, more than 6 Songs ) will be tilted ‘JUST A LITTLE BIT‘.

  1. Is the L.P Finished ?

“Yes the L.P is 95 % done. All we need is Oracle Studio & Distribution to Clear the Music. The People should have the L.P Before Christmas.”

  1. Who Produced the Project?

The L.P Will be Produced Classic Tune, Oddie Mac & Ettic Shemi AkA ‘ ETRO ‘.

  1. Any Guest Features?

“Not many guest features but I have a surprise guest for my Fans, he is definitely one of the best in the game right now. We worked super hard to get him on the Record.”

  1. What are your aspirations in the music with this Project?

“I just want the Hip-Hop Project to reach the masses.  The project is in service to the people so, it must reach the people. I implore Zambian Curators to consider the music for Hip-Hop Playlists through out Various D.S.Ps. I implore Radio Stations and Personalities to Engage with the Music. I will make my own efforts of course, but mostly this is what I aspire so the music reaches the masses”

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